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Jan & Dean's music is stuck in a time and place more than any other artists in Rock history. It is maybe because of this that they do not have the critical acclaim that they really deserve. From the doo-wop sounds of thier first album "The Dore Album", to Dean's amazing over-dub laiden, multi-harmony driven master-piece "Save For A Rainy Day" you will find albums filled with some ground-breaking singles, some novel and experimental album tracks and most of all production techniques that were more advanced at the time of recording than any other artists, including The Beach Boys and The Beatles.


While Jan & Dean's music is too often mistaken for The Beach Boys by the casual fan, the difference's to the trained ear are vast. While The Beach Boys genious producer/writer Brian Wilson would make pure-pop clean records with multi-harmonies using the bands five vocals plus over-dubs and utilizing the cream-of-the-crop session musicians of the day, Jan Berry, who in his own right was Jan & Dean's writer and producer would take the whole process a step further.


Jan's ability to innovate was beyond belief. He would multi-layer vocals and instruments to such a degree, that sadly the technology was not always there to capture the full effect. Songs such as "Deadman's Curve" had 14 layers of vocals on them, which on the equipment of the day sounded amazing, yet using todays standards they would have been the best in the World! All this over-dubbing and creative power that Jan had led to some of Jan & Dean's records sounding alot rougher round the edges than The Beach Boys clean-cut masterpieces, yet technically they were much more advanced.


Discover these albums, and singles in this section. One listen to the music of Jan & Dean will change your life forever.

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Jan & Dean released over 15 albums between 1958 and the 1980's. On these pages you can read some great reviews of all the albums, and listen to snippits of some of their biggest hit records.


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A Jan & Dean Album Insight...

Although little known outside of the USA, Jan & Dean had over a dozen top 40 hit singles between 1958 and 1966. Jan & Dean scored their first number 1 single in 1963 with Surf City, and they were the first vocal surf artists to achieve this, beating The Beach Boys to the covereted spot. That said, Brian Wilson, who wrote Surf City was actually on that record, and provided the lead falsetto on this electric unlimate summer single.


This page on the Jan & Dean fan site lists the bands hit singles, of course, apart from the songs mentioned, Jan & Dean also had numerous hits in the Billboard top 200. Technically, we could add The Beach Boys Barbara Ann to Jan & Dean's hit singles, as it is infact Dean Torrence singing the high falsetto on that great Beach Boys song.


Study the hits, and you may be surprised how many great songs Jan & Dean actually sang. Alot of non-Jan & Dean fans actually think that songs such as Little Old Lady From Pasadena and Drag City were Beach Boys songs! If fate in 1966 had not stepped in, and Jan Berry had not had his accident, maybe Jan & Dean could have taken the World by storm, and maybe they would be as well known as The Beach Boys. However, sadly they are not as well known, and it is down to us fans, and the great catalogue of songs left by Jan & Dean, to show the World that Jan & Dean were indeed a great musical force in their own right.


Just listen to any of the singles in this discography, and you'll be hooked on the sounds of Jan & Dean!

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