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Welcome to our whole new section of some of the best interviews and articles about Jan & Dean. This section is destined to become the ultimate resource for Jan & Dean fans to find out a little more about Jan & Dean.


Apart from our own articles and interviews, we also will feature articles and interviews from guest writers who have kindly donated their works to us. If you have an article or interview that you wish to share with the world of Jan & Dean fans, then please let us know by emailing us, and we will get it up and running as fast as we can!


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This is a great indepth interview that I (Mark) was lucky enough to take part in with Dean Torrence during early 2005. Read some revealing insights from the Man himself. Dean talks candidly and openly about many things from the past and the present.

Back On The Road - 1977 Article

This article from Blitz magazine 1977 takes a look at Jan & Dean being back on the road again after Jan's accident. It's a compelling read, and one you can read exclusivley on this site (as are so many others!)

My Landy!!! (Parts 1 & 2) - 1977 Dean Torrence Interview

Another Blitz Magazine article, again from 1977. This time, the article talks to Dean Torrence, and Dean answers in ways that only Mr Torrence can. Another great , funny read with the Man himself once again. My Landy is in two parts, just click on the article link above to read this great interview.

Missed Oppurtunity - 1979 California Music Article

The Restless Surfer Comparrison

Dore Doo Wop (Parts 1 & 2)

This is an interesting California Music article from 1979 concentrating on Jan & Dean's missed oppurtunity of appearing in Ride The Wild Surf and other interesting things. A fascinating read about what was probably Jan & Dean's biggest missed oppurtunity to conquer the World!

A quirky little feature on the comparrison of the differences between Jan & Dean's "The Restless Surfer" and the song "Another Town, Another Girl"

An indepth guide to Jan & Dean (and Jan & Arnie's) Doo Wop years at Dore records. This two part article is a masterpiece in the early history of Jan & Dean's music and is a must for all Jan & Dean fans around the World. Check this out and as usual it's exclusive to this website.

Visit Back On The Road Visit My Landy!!! Visit Missed Opportunity Visit Restless Surfer Visit Dore Doo Wop

Sinatra Kidnapping

Rock and roll star Dean Torrence took the witness stand in the Frank Sinatra Jr. Kidnap trail and swore that he took no part in the alleged abduction of the youthful singer and lent no money to finance it. Find out more in this transcript from a 1981 article that appeared in Gonna Hustle You #4... It's another great read and an important part of Jan & Dean history.

Visit Sinatra Kidnapping

Jan's Big (Bad) Break - 1966 Interview

Jan Berry was not in his private room at the Northridge Hospital in the San Fernando Valley.  I glanced up and down the corridor and spotted him down the hall at the nurses’ station. He was in a wheelchair. “Just been keeping the nurses busy, he smiled. “It’s very boring lying in that bed.”

This article see's Jan talk about his leg being broken amd alot more besides. An interesting article with some interesting statements from the writer of the interview.

Visit Jan's Big Break

Dean O.Torrence Interview - 2005

Visit D.O.T Interview

The newest addition to our articles see's this cool writing taken from Goldmine Magazine on June 1st 1990. It's a really great interview with both Jan & Dean being interviewed by Goldmine Magazine. Read and enjoy.

Long Way From DMC

Movie Teen Illistrated - Article from 1960

Movie Teen Article

Movie Teen Article... A candid look at Jan & Dean during 1960, with some great photographs and a great interview with the two young (only 19 years of age) men talking about life back in 1960.

A pet project from Dean!

Dean's Project

This is an article from 2007's Huntington Beach Independant. It features a cute little article regarding one of Dean's latest projects and involves his pets! You have to read this piece!

The T-Shirt

Marks T-Shirt

Another brief and quirky article, this time from myself (Mark), with regards to a t-shirt that Dean signed for me. Dean is a very gracious and generous man, and I think this little article speaks for itself.

Dean O.Torrence Interview - 2009

Dean Interview 2009

I was yet again lucky enough to interview Dean, this time over the course of a few emails. Here in this interview you'll find ten questions I put to Dean. They should all be interesting to the casual and hard-core Jan & Dean fan. Read and enjoy, and remember to submit in your questions for Dean.

Jan & Dean Articles & Interviews

A Long Way To Dead Man's Curve - 1990 Goldmine Article


David Beard Interview

David Beard

This is a fascinating interview with Beach Boys and Jan & Dean historian David Beard. He describes his relationship with Jan & Dean, The Beach Boys and a lot more.

2012 Interview with Jan Berry Band Member - Coming Soon.

Coming in the next few days, this extensive interview along with some amazing photos are just the start of a continuing "memoirs" section from someone who spent a whole lot of time on the road with Jan Berry, and also co-wrote a couple of his songs. Stay tuned for the update...