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[Mark] Well Dean, it's good to get the oppurtunity to once again ask you a few questions.

[Dean] Mark, You are welcome, sorry it took so long to get back to you.

[Mark] Mike Love and yourself sang together on numerous occasions. Do you have more in common with Mike than you did with Jan? If so, what was the difference in working with them both.

[Dean] After Jans accident, he was totally a different person; personality,
  intellectually, creatively etc

  This is a long and complicated question

  There is no comparison between Jan and Mike after the accident because of
  the reasons above


  There was a wold of difference before the accident

A Dean Torrence Photo!

[Mark] When was the last time you listened to a Jan & Dean song?

[Dean] Today, I am singing a duet with my daughter for her high school Academy of Performing Arts Class (APA)
  We are singing "From all over the World" along with the title sequence from The Tami Show.

[Mark] You do a lot of tours every year, is there ever a chance you will come to the UK?

[Dean] Would love to, but its not up to me, thats our booking agents job.

[Mark] Heart & Soul or Baby Talk? Which is your favourite.

[Dean] Baby Talk, our first born.

[Mark] In The Beach Boys version of Barbara Ann, you can be clearly heard singing to your hearts content, did Jan dislike you appearing on that record? What were his thoughts?

[Dean] He just hoped that I didn't piss off "the suits" at our record company.

[Mark] What do you usually have for breakfast?

[Dean] Don't usually eat breakfast, I normally combine Breakfast and Lunch.

[Mark] Pet Sounds or Sergent Peppers? Which is your favourite?

[Dean] Two of the best albums ever recorded
  Love both of them equally.

[Mark] You spent some time with Elvis Presley during the late 50's, early 60's. Did you ever go in the studio with him and watch him at work?

[Dean] Never did.

[Mark] Will you ever retire from singing and touring?

[Dean] Probably, but then again I said that in the mid sixties

[Mark] FInally... "The Liberty Singles Collection" was an awesome compilation of your work, do you think there will ever be a Jan & Dean "box set" for fans?

[Dean] I have no idea, I am not in the loop when it comes to our stuff, but for some reason I am more in the
  loop when it involves other artists, Beach Boys, Dennis Wilson, Harry Nilsson and even Wilson Phillips,
  Go figure!

[Mark] Thank you Dean, I think your fans will be happy with those few, different questions!

[Dean] Hope all is well with you and yours! PS This a APA Program [Below] my daughter was a part of last February. The APA students learned and then performed (with an orchestra) every song on those two classic LPs. It was very cool. This also included tons of classic video.

APA - Rubber Soul vs Pet Sounds

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