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Dean continued to record and produce albums during the years before their return to touring which included the wonderful two record set,  Jan & Dean

Anthology Album.  released in

early 1972.

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Dean O. Torrence - King Of Comedy

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Dean Ormsby Torrence was born on March 10, 1940, in Los Angeles, California. Dean showed an aptitude for art even as a young child and took art lesson beginning at the age of five.  He loved to draw , he loved the piano and sports, especially football.  Dean, unlike his future partner,  was a good kid and kept out of trouble. It seems he has always been a collector of all things, great and small.


His boundless  imagination really shown through in his fantastic sense of humor.  Always a cut up, he loves to clown around.  One day the whole world would come to know and appreciate this marvelous sense of humor.

Dean. as a toddler. That twinkle in his eyes was just a forewarning of the humor that would be so much a part of Dean's persona.

Dean as a young man in his 20s,  seemed to have his feet more firmly planted on solid ground.  


He was truly the "clown prince" of the duo and there never seemed to be an end to that famous sense of humor.


For a period, Dean left the record business and  opened Kittyhawk Graphics, a design firm. He designed numerous albums covers and in 1972 he won the Grammy Award for Best Album Cover of the Year.

Dean with the Surf City All-Star band in 2002.


After Jan's accident, Dean  carried on and made every possible effort to keep the name of Jan & Dean in  the public's eye. He recorded  and produced an album which was release on the J & D Record Co. label - Save  For A Rainy Day which is a marvelous album, one everyone will enjoy and apppreciate even more knowing the story behind it's production.


Recent Dean Torrence Photographs & News

Dean very kindly sent in this excellent high quality photo from 2005 of himself and his daughter. Seen here in it's original size and not available anywhere else on the internet.


2006 Photos...

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Dean is as busy now as he ever was, apart from speculation that he is working on a new solo album, he is also involved in putting together a new script for a Jan & Dean movie and touring on a regular basis.


The touring band still plays a number of Jan & Dean hits, mixed with songs by other artists such as The Beach Boys (no need to be surprised really, as Matt Jardine is a second generation Beach Boy and lead singer with Dean!)


Thank you to those who have sent in photographs and stories, we learn that in 2006/2007 Dean is still a very humble human being. He is shy and refined and generally from all reports an all around good guy.


Dean has seen our T-Shirts that we sell on the site, along with our bumper stickers, and some time soon we will be publishing photographs of signed versions of each.


Stay tuned to this site for all the latest on Dean Torrence!

Dean Torrence - 2006 and Beyond

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