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Drag City / Schlock Rod [Part 1] (#10 - 1963 - 11 Wks In Chart - Produced By Jan Berry)

One of the finest songs in Jan & Dean's catalogue rightly made the top-10. This is a great song in every way, from production to vocals. It's not often that you can write about something, and when it is sang that the listener feels like they are actually doing it. A Damn fine record and another must-have for all fans of music.

A05-Drag City



Schlock Rod [Part 1] (B-Side - 1963 - Produced By Jan Berry)

It's not often that a "B" side to a recording is as good, if not better than it's original "A" side. And, this song is definitly not better in production style, or even vocals if it comes to that. However, Schlock Rod (Part 1 - AND Part 2) are a stunning example of Dean Torrence input into the work of Jan & Dean. This song has Dean's sense of humour all over it, and it is cleverly-whitty without being annoying!

Popsicle / Norwegian Wood [This Bird has Flown] (#21 - 1966 - 9 Wks In Chart - Produced By Jan Berry)

Little did Jan & Dean know that three years after recording "Popsicle" that is was to be used as a single in 1966. Actully, it was supposed to be the "B" side of the 1966 single "Norwegian Wood", which was a cover of The Beatles song. Dean hated the Jan Berry produced version, after-all (as he said), how could it even come close to The Beatles original? The single was flipped, "Popsicle" made the "A" side and another certified hit for the duo!

A05-Drag City



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