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Jan as a young man in his 20's with those adorable dimples and that irresistible grin.  But he was more than a pretty face, he was a genius, both in the classroom and in the studio.

William Jan Berry was born in Los Angels, California on April 3, 1941.  As a young boy and into his teenage years, he seemed to always push the edge of the envelope as we say now.  The many teenage pranks and car accidents seemed to almost prove that Jan was indestructible  However, all that changed on April 12, 1966 when he was in a near fatal car accident that left him brain damaged and partial paralyzed.  His strong will, determination and some would say stubornness were all essential to his eventual return to the studio and stage.  This incrediably talented man could not turn off the music he heard in his head and he  missed performing for their fans and the sound of the applause.

Jan Berry - The Genius At Work

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Jan as a toddler. Even then it was obvious that he was going to be a heart throb.

Jan as he

appeared in

the late 70's

at the time of their return to performing and to the fans who still loved them and their fun music and high energy concerts.

Jan in the studio  where he was unarguably a master and a genius. He was an innovator and a perfectionist who knew exactly what he wanted the final take to sound like.

Jan on October 28, 1986, at the dedication of the Jan Berry Center For The Brain Injured in Downy, California.  

In 1999, Jan & Dean still continued to tour and did such until just weeks before Jan's death on March 26, 2004


This facility was an outgrowth of Rancho Los Amigos

Hospital where Jan had spent much of his recovery. And where he continued to visit and provide encouragement to other victims of brain injuries.