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Photos taken 3/30/06


In 2006, I treated myself to this personalized car tag.  The great state of Kansas uses only letters and numbers on car tags, but as the front tag is not a valid tag in our state, I was able to obtain the "&" sign and I added it to the front tag.  


I've been kidded alot by people around town and at work, but it's all in fun and I just smile and  say . . .


                          "Well, that's what I am and very proud of it!!!"

Here is "Jan" in all his youthful glory!  The freeze cost him a few buds but for such a young little "sprout" he has quite a few delicate little white blossoms. And on top of that, the special little branch from last year will have some blossoms in a few days. They are still tightly closed but I think they will open with the warm temperatures we will be having.  


It is so very special to see this memorial to Jan, grow and bloom and give joy to all those who visit it. I stop by everyday, either going to work or coming home. I just wish that all of you could share this experience.

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On March 26, 2006, Jan's birthday,  there was a Remembrance Service, held at  his memorial here in Chase County. I knew that many of Jan's fans were with me as we remembered the life and music of this special man.  I could feel Jan there with us as well.


The background music was provided by Jason's tribute songs to Jan and Pop Symphony, what a fitting way to remember Jan


The music of Jan & Dean will live on forever as long as we remember them and share the gift of music and fun that they have given us over these 45 plus years.




From all your fans from around the world!

Thanks to Doug Jackson of Doug's Flowers and Gifts, Strong City, KS for making this lovely arrangement and assisting with the ordering the memorial marker.


Jan's Memorial Tree Bloomed-Despite Dry Winter and Late Freeze - 2006

Jan Berry Rememberance,  March 26, 2006

Now I can always find my vehicle - just look for the J&D Fan tag!!!