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Early 2010 - Photo's sent in by the fans!

What a great way to start off 2010! Here are a selection of photos sent in by the loyal fans of Jan & Dean's music. Enjoy the photographs, and remember to keep the Jan & Dean name alive!

Dean & MicB Dean-GLD dean-wall-w_platinum Surf-gold

Above: Michael B and Dean. A great photo this one, hopefully we'll have more like this very soon!      Above: This is a brilliant photo of Dean taken by our friends Ken &                  

                                                                                                                                                        Jean. More great photos below from them.


Below (Both photos): Ken and Jean have put together this awesome wall of Jan & Dean material. Note that the guitar is a replica of Dean's and looks just amazing. The "Surf City" Gold disc is also a fan's dream. More from these great fans coming soon in 2010!


Left: To the left of this text is a closer look at the copy of Dean's guitar, plus a photo of Dean and Dean's daughter who is playing the guitar.


It is photographs such as these sent in by the many Jan & Dean fan's that allows this site to continue. From your feedback I know you all want more photo's, so visit our photo gallery at least once a fortnight to check out for new fan photos!


If you have any photographs you'd like to share, please send them into the email address on the top of this website. I respond to all emails to that address, and enjoy making new Jan & Dean friends.


Enjoy these photos!


Mark -2010