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Alternate Single Covers Designs

This page is meant just to be a little bit of fun, and we invite you all to join in. How can we tempt you? Well, for every design that makes it to this page, we will get any Collectors Series album to you in MP3 format via email (unless you want it any other way).


All you have to do is design a cover for a Jan & Dean single, or if you have one or two songs that you think should have been singles, why not design a cover for them. Use your imagination! We will also publish them if it is a great track you have chosen!


Send them in to our usual address! Enjoy what we have designed first, just to give you a little idea...

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The Batman EP - Features Batman, Robin The Boy Wonder, Batman Theme, The Joker Is Wild

I Only Have Eyes For You / Teenager In Love

One Summer Night / It's A Beautiful Day

You Really Know How To Hurt A Guy / Instrumental Version

Mother Earth / Magic Of Makin' Love

Surf City / She's My Summer Girl

Alternate Jan & Dean Singles

Alternate Dean Torrence And Jan Berry Covers