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Audio Interview & Promo Archieve

Throughout the years, Jan & Dean have taken part in some excellent interviews on both TV and on the radio. This page brings together some of those interviews for the best archieve of Jan & Dean interviews on the internet.


Listen to Jan & Dean, both as a duo and solo being interviewed by some great people.


You can also find some Jan Berry Promo's along with a classic Davy Jones interview!

Jan & Dean Interviews

Jan Berry Promo's

Listen To Thaxton 65 Listen To 1979 Part One Listen To 1979 Part Two Listen To Brucie Interview Listen To Queenie Promo Listen To Jan Promo Listen to Murphy Interview Listen To Dean Part One

The Archieve


Interview & Promo Notes

Click on the links on the left and listen to a great interview. We have included notes on each interview underneath this header. Please take a seat, relax and listen to the ultimate Jan & Dean interview archieve...

01: This interview see's Jan & Dean being interviewed on the Thaxton show in 1965.



02: Part One of a Jan & Dean interview from 1979.



03: Part Two of the above interview.



04: This is the great "Cousin Brucie" interview! A must listen for all fans!





05: Little Queenie Preview - Hear Jan's attempt at putting together a preview of this great song.



06: Jan Berry Promo - Features "Dead Mans Curve" and "Blueberry Hill". Amazing!






07: Jamie Murphy interviews Dean Torrence regarding K-Tel record releases and a lot more!



08: Dean Torrence "fake" interview part one. It is Dean, but he's up to his old tricks!



09: Dean Torrence "fake" interview part two. Yes, the guy just keeps on coming!






10: Davy Jones of The Monkees talks candidly about Jan Berry.

More Jan & Dean Interviews & Articles

On this site there is a whole section dedicated to Jan & Dean interviews and articles. Please visit the                  page and read a whole lot more about Jan & Dean. As usual, in time we will be expanding this page, so call back in the future and listen to more great Jan & Dean! If you have any material that you wish to share with us, then please feel free to share it. We are a fan site and rely on you to make it happen!


Dean Torrence Interviews

Listen To Dean Part Two Listen To Davy Jones

Davy Jones On Jan Berry

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