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Command Performance


Track Listing: Surf City, Little Honda, Dead Man's Curve, I Get Around, All I Have To Do Is Dream, (Here They Come) From All Over The World, Rock & Roll Music, The Little Old Lady From Pasadena, Do Wah Diddy Diddy, I Should Have Known Better, Sidewalk Surfin', Louie Louie

Live In Person starts off what promises to be an excellent live album with a rousing rendition of Surf City. Great horns and great singing propel this song at an unprecedented speed. This great song is followed by three hot-rod influenced songs, one of which was a recent hit for The Hondells (Little Honda) and the other, I Get Around, a hit for The Beach Boys (though The Beach Boys sang and wrote both the songs). In between these two adequate covers you'll find a lovely live version of the mini-epic Dead Man's Curve. This song is handled extremley well by the duo and even has them having a bit of fun with the middle spoken-section... check it out for a laugh!


There are a number of other Jan & Dean recent singles and album-tracks on the album, including a dubbed non-live version of (Here They Come) From All Over The World and a bass-driven Rock & Roll music with some amazing screaming fans shouting all over it. The Little Old Lady From Pasadena is sang well, again with screaming fans all over it, and last but not least they sing Sidewalk Surfin' in a sped up version for their live audience.


There are a couple of other covers on this album, all done in a similar style to the rest of Jan & Dean's live material. All in all a great album which sadly lacks in only one department... Dean's Vocals! For some reason, there's hardly any hint of Dean on this record in the backing-vocal department (Dean sings amazing lead vocal on Louie Louie though which kind of makes up for this).

The Singles...


(Here They Come) From All Over The World / Freeway Flyer (#56 - 1965 - 5 Wks In Charts - Produced By Jan Berry)

Included here is the "live" version from this album, although it is actually the studio version used with over-dubbed crowd noise. A great song with a great "B" side that is so very underrated by Jan & Dean fan's around the globe.

I Get Around (Album Track - 1965 - Produced By Jan Berry)

This is a great cover of The Beach Boys #1 hit single. Jan & Dean and The Beach Boys as well as other "surf" groups enjoyed singing and playing each others songs. The was a friendly rivalry between them all, with group members from all groups attending each others sessions, much to the record companies discontent!

Release: Liberty 3403 / 7403 - Year:1965 - Produced By Jan Berry




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