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Hiya, my name is Mark (aka scooby1970), and I am a 43 year old Jan & Dean fan from South Wales. I have been responsible for some very successful Jan & Dean websites in tha past, and I, along with my good friend June have decided to put together our resources and pay for a site to give us unlimited possibilities to share our passion with as many fans as possible. Here is a little about me...

I have a great interest in music, and ever since first discovering Jan & Dean in the early 1980's I have loved their music and wanted to share it with everyone I have met. I also love many other artists including The Beach Boys and Elvis Presley. I have seen The Beach Boys on a number of occasions and they are the closest I have come to seeing and hearing the kind of music Jan & Dean play live.


I live on the coast in Swansea, and I would never move from Wales, even if given all the money in the World! I have a personal site which you can visit and discover all about me and my life which is linked at the bottom of the page.


As for this website, I am responsible for the reviews and the audio and some general input on the other pages. The fantastic Jan & Dean bio pages are done by June, and she is also responsible for alot of the artwork and layouts found within this site. I was also responsible for and, which I am now leaving and concentrating on this fantastic new site.


I hope that all our hard-work has paid off, and Jan & Dean fans have a great new fan site to visit and share their experiences with other Jan & Dean fans.

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As of 28th September 2005, we became Officially Endorsed by Dean Torrence, making us the number one choice for Jan & Dean fans looking for official facts, photos and genuine participation from remaining member of the duo.

History: started as an offshoot of two previous Jan & Dean Fan Sites. Originally a number of years ago (2004) we opened a site at titled "jananddean" which was a very successful site, this was followed by "jananddeanmusic" which was moderately successful. The problems we had were limited space, and we concentrated too much on other aspects, rather than just a 100% fan site.


In September 2005, all that changed. "jananddeanmusic" was effectivly shelved and a new, paid for, site was opened. This site was the site you are viewing now, Officially the most popular J&D site.


What We Do:

At we cater for the average fan, the casual browser and the hard-core collector.We have a huge amount of webspace available, and we use it in the most creative way that we possibly can. It is this available space that allows us to offer so much... We offer what we have been asked for by the fans, and we continue to try and add anything we think is of interest to the Jan & Dean fan. As such we can outline what we offer, and our resources in getting these to this site.



We currently offer over 400 photo's, the majority of which have not been seen on Jan & Dean internet fan sites, or Jan & Dean sites in general before. This number of photos is constantly growing, and photos are added on a very regular basis. We only use the highest quality images that are available to us at any one time.



We offer more streaming Jan & Dean music than any other site on the internet. Infact, we have over 150 streaming full length Jan & Dean tracks which include every Jan & Dean single "A" and "B" side, plus a whole lot more!


Digital Media:

On top of the Photo's and Audio available, we offer Jan & Dean wallpapers, magazine articles, sheet music and digital downloads all free of charge. Plus, this output will also be increasing with the growth of the site. Our latest additions include some rare Jan & Dean interviews.


Our Aim:

Our aim is simple. To offer the greatest selection of all the above mentioned on one easy to use website. Please feel free to ask for your own page, so you can add to this exciting development. We also intend to get Jan & Dean fans around the World to meet in our dedicated forums which can be accessed from our homepage.

Hello, my name is June, and I've been a fan of Jan & Dean since the "music was new."  I was born and raised in a little out of the way part of the world called Chase County, Kansas, where there are more cattle than people.


Music has always been a part of my life. In fact I never remember a time that I wasn't listening to music, if I could (those school teachers just did understand and wouldn't let me play my transistor radio). Like most people my age, my first introduction to rock 'n' roll was Elvis. However, when I first heard the music of Jan & Dean on my radio, their music became my music. I longed for a surfboard and the beach, but alas, they were more than a thousand miles away. I still would like to have my own version of a "Hot Stocker" and one day just might treat myself to a '57 Chevy.


I am now the County Clerk for Chase County. It's an interest job, albeit a little stressful, and I get to meet the many tourists who visit our beautiful courthouse. I've shared the music of Jan & Dean with some I've met and have invited them to visit Jan's Memorial.


When I decided to start this site, Mark graciously agreed to help me. Actually he's done most of the work on what has grown to become an very awesome site. I have contributed a few of the pages and am responsible for some of the special projects.


Mark's vast knowledge, awesome talent and extensive music library have made this site possible and I'll always be indebted to him. I count myself to be very luck y to have met such a special young man who shares my love of all things Jan & Dean.


About Us - Mark (aka scooby1970)


About Us - June

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*This site has had over 5 Million hits to it's homepage with little or no advertising.  *Combined with our previous Jan & Dean sites, that equates to over 10 million hits to our homepages alone (that's over a 50 million individual page hits!!!)   *We offer over 150 full length streaming Jan & Dean audio tracks.   *We offer over 350 photos of Jan & Dean from all stages of their career and as a duo and solo.   *The site is made up of over 90% exclusive to this website features, articles and photos.  *You can  download rare albums, which we rotate over the months. We have checked to see that there is no copyright held on these albums, and they are all free. *This is the only website you can download quality Jan & Dean Wallpapers for your desktop.   *Dean Torrence visits the site on a regular basis to ensure everything is looking good.   *We pay a yearly subscription to keep this site running advert free. It also means we have alot of webspace to add new features.   *We do it all for free - SO PLEASE HELP US OUT BY SENDING IN PHOTOS/WRITINGS!!!

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We are a non-profit fan run Jan & Dean site, and we need your input to make this site successful. As you may have noticed, we have been updating and changing the site alot lately. As such, you may wish to share your comments with us. Please feel free to email us at anytime. If you wish to send us a short message, then you can use the form to the right of the screen.


Thank you for reading over the site. May we suggest that you visit the page on a regular basis to know exactly what has been updated. Thank you for your time.

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