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Dean Torrence 2007 Photographs

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Hot off the press for 2007 we have these stunning photos of Dean Torrence taken on the 14th January 2007! I think every Jan & Dean fan will appreciate these great photographs that Carol so kindly gave us.  At the bottom of these photos you can also read the story behind the photos, as told by Carol herself. It's thanks to readers like Carol that the Jan & Dean name is being kept alive on this website. Thank you from the site, and from all around the World Carol!!!


It was Hermosa Beach, California's 100 year birthday celebration.  Dean Torrence and the Surf City All Stars were the band of the evening as entertainment, being held at the Pier Plaza right before the Hermosa Beach Pier.  Brrrrrrr!  It was really COLD since it was being held at night.  The place was packed....they had chairs all lined up and they were all taken.  The night started with a little ceremony with the mayor and some council members, then Dean and Company got introduced.  The crowd went wild.....EVERYONE got up to dance!!  They played all the Jan & Dean hits, alot of Beach Boys, and some other fun stuff.  It was awesome.  If anything Dean sounds better than ever.  There were council members there from Loretto Mexico, which is Hermosa Beach's sister city....even THEY were up and dancing!!   It was a really fun evening!!  JAN & DEAN FOREVER!! - January 2007 - Carol.

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