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Deadman's Curve / The New Girl In School


Track Listing:  Dead Man's Curve, Three Window Coupe, Bucket "T", Rockin' Little Roadster, "B" Gas Rickshaw, Mighty G.T.O, The New Girl In School, Linda, Barons, West L.A, School Days, It's As Easy As 1,2,3, Hey Little Freshman

After the power-punch of Drag City, Liberty wanted more product, and they wanted it NOW! Jan had just finished re-working the rather laid back effort of Dead Man's Curve on the Drag City album. The double sided single Dead Man's Curve/The New Girl In School was released and of course an album of that title just had to be made!


This is another great Jan & Dean album. What better way to start off 1964 than with an album that featured two top 30 hits plus a great selection of new songs and an oldie but a goodie to fill up the space! Yes, this is the second album to have the track Linda , and it has in no way been remixed, but that aside this album had some great tracks, including an unprecidented two instrumentals!


Three Window Coupe was sadly not a hit for Jan & Dean, but for The Rip-Chords. Bucket "T" was sadly not a hit for Jan & Dean but for Ronny & The Daytonas (and later on The Who) and Mighty G.T.O was not a hit at all, although released as a single in re-mixed form. All these mentioned songs however were great, and once again Jan's production on the whole of this album was top-notch.


The two instrumentals, "B" Gas Rickshaw and Baron's, West L.A. could be classed as nothing but filler, yet they are enjoyable instrumentals of an era where surf/drag instrumentals were all the rage. The remaining songs on the album were a little hit and miss. School Days was a cover of Chuck Berry's song and seemed a little out of place on this album, although it kept in with the school theme of the second side. It's As Easy As 1,2,3 is a beautiful ballad with Jan sharing the lead with his girlfriend Jill Gibson. Rockin' Little Roadster was another disappointing yet perfectly acceptable song included.


Fan's of Jan & Dean did not have to wait long before the next great Jan Berry produced J&D production was upon them...

Release: Liberty 3361/7361 - Year: 1964 - Produced By: Jan Berry

The Singles...

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Dead Mans's Curve / The New Girl In School (#8 - 1964 - 14 Wks In Chart - Produced By Jan Berry)

"Dead Man's Curve" was the "A" side and what a track this was! At it's time of release, "Dead Man's Curve" was the most technically advanced single to be produced... not just by Jan & Dean, but by any other contempory artist of the time! Over 14 layers of vocals, great orchestral backing and great vocals make this song not just technically perfect, but perfect in every other way, and this ranks it as one of Jan & Dean's finest single.

The New Girl In School / Deadman's Curve (#37 - 1964 - 8 Wks In Chart - Produced By Jan Berry)

While "Deadman's Curve" was a gripping drama of love lost on the drag-strip, "The New Girl In School" was a happy, jaunty pop-song of lusting over a new girl in school. Another fabalous track that rightly entered the top-40, "The New Girl In School" started life as "Gonna Hustle You" but had to be re-written into this because of the originals rather naughty (for the time) lyrics.

Album Review

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