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Drag City


Track Listing: Drag City, I Gotta Drive, Drag Strip Girl, Surfin' Hearse, Dead Man's Curve, Schlock Rod (Part 1), Schlock Rod (Part 2), Popsicle, Surf Route 101, Sting Ray, Little Deuce Coupe

Hot Stocker

This was without doubt the first and greatest  production in album terms that Jan Berry produced. With hardly any "filler" in sight, and a great line-up of Hot-Rod tracks this album had the word "Hit" written all of it from the very first track. In 1963 terms, this album was once again way ahead of it's competitors in production terms. The opening song Drag City had the sound of The Beach Boys, the production of a combination of Brian Wilson and Phil Spector and the balls of a giant bull! How many songs in 1963 opened with a car revving and felt like you were actually in that car draggin' down the strip? And to follow the song with I Gotta Drive, Drag Strip Girl and Surfin' Hearse was a totally gob-smacking, jaw-breaking experience for any fan of any music.


The version of Dead Man's Curve on this album sounds a bit rough because it was a rushed take, but fans need not have worried as a killer version was only a few months down the road! And what did it matter, with the crazy two-part fun-fest that was Dean's Schlock Rod (Parts 1 & 2) that followed it. This was a pure-genius (or pure NUTS) track that was split in two parts for the album and still raises a smile with people who listen to it today. Part 2 of that track kicks off side two of the album...


After side one's punch, you'd expect side two to be a little limp... Oh no, after Schlock Rod (Part 2) comes the amazingly catchy Popsicle, the funky Surf Route 101 and the weird yet wicked Sting Ray. All great tracks in their own right, followed by a cover of The Beach Boys Little Deuce Coupe (actually, it is The Beach Boys Mike Love singing here with J&D) and rounding off with the quite fun Hot Stocker.


All in all not a bad word to say about this album. A real pinnicle in Jan & Dean's cannon of albums, and one that every Jan & Dean fan should have the privilage of owning.

Release: Liberty 3339/7339 - Year: 1963 - Produced By: Jan Berry

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Drag City / Schlock Rod [Part 1] (#10 - 1963 - 11 Wks In Chart - Produced By Jan Berry)

One of the finest songs in Jan & Dean's catalogue rightly made the top-10. This is a great song in every way, from production to vocals. It's not often that you can write about something, and when it is sang that the listener feels like they are actually doing it. A Damn fine record and another must-have for all fans of music.

Popsicle / Norwegian Wood [This Bird has Flown] (#21 - 1966 - 9 Wks In Chart - Produced By Jan Berry)

Little did Jan & Dean know that three years after recording "Popsicle" that is was to be used as a single in 1966. Actully, it was supposed to be the "B" side of the 1966 single "Norwegian Wood", which was a cover of The Beatles song. Dean hated the Jan Berry produced version, after-all (as he said), how could it even come close to The Beatles original? The single was flipped, "Popsicle" made the "A" side and another certified hit for the duo!

Schlock Rod [Part 1] (B-Side - 1963 - Produced By Jan Berry)

It's not often that a "B" side to a recording is as good, if not better than it's original "A" side. And, this song is definitly not better in production style, or even vocals if it comes to that. However, Schlock Rod (Part 1 - AND Part 2) are a stunning example of Dean Torrence input into the work of Jan & Dean. This song has Dean's sense of humour all over it, and it is cleverly-whitty without being annoying!

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