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Track listing: I Found A Girl, Hang On Sloopy, I Can't Wait To Love You, Eve Of Destruction, It's A Shame To Say Goodbye, Where Were You When I Needed You, A Beginning From An End, Yesterday, The Universal Coward, It Ain't Me Babe, Folk City, Turn Turn Turn

The time's they were a-changin', and not to be left behind by the leaders-of-the-pack Jan & Dean decided to follow them and release an album full of Folk(ish) music. To kick start the album they used the recent single I Found A Girl, which is a totally authentic sounding Jan & Dean track that was a sound unlike they had recorded before. In fact, the album was full of unique sounding songs that were miles-away from previous Jan & Dean numbers.


A Beginning From An End was a totally spine-tingling tragedy song in the same vein as Dead Man's Curve. This song was one of Jan & Dean's most serious songs and once again fitted in with the Folk'n'Roll  theme.  This album was fresh-sounding, highly polished, featured great songs... and sadly sold about one copy, as the single used to promote it (other than I Found A Girl) was Folk City. Jan went back to his Surf City song, changed the words, kept the melody and it sank without a trace! Possibly one of the worst records Jan & Dean ever recorded, it was an idea wasted as the idea could have had so much potential.


The album also featured some great cover-versions of some Folk-Pop classics, Eve Of Destruction was easily as good as the original version by Barry McGuire, Dean's reading of Yesterday was impressive, It Ain't Me Babe and Turn Turn Turn were also covered almost as good as the original Turtles and Byrds version.


This was one of Jan & Deans finest records, and probably the last of the duo's really great albums. With an almost perfect track listing, this album  is one that every fan should dig-out and listen to!

The Singles...

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I Found A Girl / It's A Shame To Say Goodbye (#30 - 1965 - 7 Wks In Charts - Produced By Jan Berry)

"I Found A Girl" is a song that sounds fresh and exciting on the radio, and is unlike anything Jan & Dean recorded up until this time. Hearing it recently on the radio, you wonder why this song was not a bigger hit. Wither way, it was Jan & Dean's last big hit single.

A Begininng From An End / Folk City (#109 - 1965 - 4 Wks In Charts - Produced By Jan Berry)

Although this song only reached #109 in the charts, it is included here as one of the best and most original sounding Jan & Dean recordings. It is in a simular vien to "Deadman's Curve", however that notion has been taken and taken to another dimension. One of the true lost wonders of Jan & Dean's career.

Release: 3431 / 7431 - Year: 1965 - Produced By Jan Berry



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