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Golden Hits Vol.1


Track Listing: Baby Talk, We Go Together, Palisades Park, In A Turkish Town, Who Put The Bomp, Heart And Soul, Barbara Ann, Poor Little Puppet, Tennessee, Queen Of My Heart, A Sunday Kinda Love

Jennie Lee

Release: Liberty 3248/7248 - Year: 1962 - Produced By: Lou Adler

1962 saw Jan & Dean move record labels from Dore to Liberty. As a result, to cash-in on the Jan & Dean name Liberty decided to throw together a semi-hits compilation, with the recent hits Baby Talk, We Go Together and the then current it Heart & Soul. Also included on the album were a number of remakes of older songs, including a re-recording of the Jan & Arnie (Jan & Dean) song Jennie Lee. Also included on the album were some great cover versions of other recent hits by groups of the time, including a brilliant version of The Regents Barbara Ann (which Dean would bring back to life with The Beach Boys on the Party Album).


We Go Together was a sweet ballad which just missed out on a top 50 place in the charts, however Jan & Dean hit the spotlight once again in 1961 with the pop-standard Heart & Soul. The duo turned this song into something of a roller-coaster ride and filled it with their trade-mark "bom bom dom" sound. A great shared lead and some fine falsetto singing by Dean ensured that Jan & Dean scored another top 30 hit single!


Once again, a listen to this album did not show what was just around the corner for the duo in technical terms. However, it did give a slight glimpse at what was about to happen in vocal terms, with the use of high-falsetto's and over-dubbed lyrics.

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We Go Together / Rosie Lane (#53 - 1960 - 7 Wks In Chart - Produced By Herb Alpert & Lou Adler)

We Go Together is a sweet ballad unlike anything Jan & Dean had released as a single at this time. It did well to reach number 53 on the billboard charts, and listening to it now it's quite remarkable how this song did not, once again, do any better for Jan & Dean.

Heart & Soul / Midsummer Night's Dream (#25 - 1961 - 7 Wks On Chart - Produced By Lou Adler)

One of Jan & Dean's greatest early song's takes us on a roller-coaster ride with it's doo-wop double-time dance beat, soaring falsetto and a melody to die for. This reworking of an old standard did Jan & Dean proud, and deserved to make the top-40 in every respect. Own it, or you're not a Jan & Dean fan... Infact, you're not a fan of music at all!!!!

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