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Jan & Dean Scrapbook Part One.

Welcome to the Jan & Dean Scrapbook. We have many pages dedicated to photos of your favourite two-some, and this photo page is something slightly different. It is a collection of scanned in images from artifacts that we have collected through the years. This page is constantly under development as we bring you new items.


Enjoy a great rare photo of Jan & Dean feeding a Rhino, some great single covers, posters and much more. If you have any items you would like to send, then please feel free to email us. Remember, your items will be seen by REAL Jan & Dean fans around the World!


Sit back, relax and enjoy... The Jan & Dean Scrapbook...


Jan & Dean feed a giant rhino back in the mid 1980's.


This is a great black & white image, and shows a side to Jan & Dean that we rarely get to see.


 Jan & Dean, July 15th 1998. This photo was taken back-stage at Seymour, Wisconsin.


 This photo was taken during August 1996 and features Jan Berry alongside the lovely Mary Waelchli, a big Jan & Dean fan who also kindly donated this photo and the photo above (which she also took).

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Below is a selection of promo posters for various Jan & Dean projects. The "Jan" in the above "Yellow Balloon"  promo is actually his brother Ken, as Jan had not long had his accident when this single was released.


It would have been great to have these clips in colour, however at present I have no colour versions of any of them.


Once again, if you have any clips, then please send them in to us to put on the website!


Below is the UK single cover for the re-released version of "Sidewalk Surfin'". One of my most prized possesions in my music collection!