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Jan & Dean Scrapbook Part 2

Welcome to the new for November 2005 "J&D Scrapbook 2" page. Once again we have looked for the best photos to add to the website, and we have also been lucky enough to have photos from some of you loyal fans out there!


Enjoy this page, and please feel free to send in your photo that you might have had taken with Jan & Dean! Simply send us an email and we will add it to the site as soon as we can!


Enjoy the photos!

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Here is a great photo sent in by Linda Eiden. Linda is a very special woman, and a huge Jan Berry fan. Here she is with Jan taken in 1987. Jan is seen here giving Linda a very tight hug. How many Jan & Dean fans can say they've been this close to the artists they love?

Below is a black & white Jan & Dean publicity shot from 1960. This was scanned from some official Jan & Dean merchandise and has sadly deteriorated through time, however it is still a great photo of the dynamic two-some!




A great magazine scan of an advert for two new Jan & Dean albums! Perhaps more adverts like this would have increased Jan & Dean's sales in the later 1960's?