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Jan & Dean Scrapbook Part 4

Welcome the the Fourth Scrapbook.  Here a some great photos from some special fans.

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Here's Dean and Linda Ranklin who, through Mary Waelchli has provided all of us this photo and the great photos below.

Here's another great photo from Linda Ranklin which Mary Waelchli has kindly shared with us. This was taken at the Hamburger Hamlet in Chicago in 1979.

Frankie-the-K has graciously shared this awesome photo of Jan so that  I can have it poreclainized and then attached to Jan's Memorial Marker.

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Another great photo of the Dynamic Duo from early Phase II. I can't help but wonder what is going through the mind of the "court jester" there by Jan.  Such fun they had together, special memories for everyone.  This photo as also shared by Linda through Mary.

Another great photo of Jan from the same period and again shared with everyone by Frank.

Dean with the Surf City sign - Huntington Beach, CA

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