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My New T-Shirt... (Mini-Special)

So, it's my birthday soon (February 25th) and this year I was not expecting much. I'll be 37 years old and getting closer to that bif 40. So, how surprised was I when I opened a parcel from the USA with a little present. What was that present? Well, just look at the photo below!!! It's a beautiful signed Jan & Dean Exclusive T-Shirt! Dean was good enough to personalize this T-Shirt for me, and it's a most wonderful gift. I have to thank June for arranging it, with the help of Carol and Larry. You all know who you are, and from the bottom of my heart I thank you so very much. Also, of course I MUST thank Dean... Thank you Dean, you're one great dude and it's gestures like this for fans that really make me believe that all my efforts on this website are worth it.


Thank you all. It's a very special birthday present that I will always cherish.




Photo taken January 2007 - "HB Mark - Dean". Seems all my hard work really does pay-off. Thank you all once again!