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Welcome to the Jan & Dean Media Special page. On this page you can download or view files on your PC that are just not available elsewhere on any other Jan & Dean website!


Once again we have trawled the vaults, and this time for our relaunch, we have two fantastic concerts for you to download, along with some other material that we previously had available on our site. These include wallpapers, the mojo article and the great 2005 Jan & Dean Mega-Mix single.  Enjoy the media, and remember to spread the word and call back soon to the number one Jan & Dean site.


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The Jan Berry concert consists of the first nine tracks of this wonderful album.  It was recorded live at the Palomino in 1976. The band is quite good form, but it's really Jan's vocals that shine on this concert.


The Jan & Dean concert took place in 1979 and features Papa Doo Ron Ron in great form! The singing from the duo is excellent, and this is a great show that no fan should be without!


This album is available for free download by clicking on the link on the below... Enjoy!

This is a famous Jan & Dean mojo article. It's a great read and has some great photos and information regarding our favourite two-some. All you need to do to read these is click on the image of the relevant page and they will pop-up in a new page for you! Enjoy this wonderful article!

Here are our twelve Jan & Dean Exclusive wallpapers. These will brighten up any Jan & Dean Fan's PC Desktop! They are simple to add to you desktop and all you need do is follow the below tip:


ADDING AS A WALLPAPER: Simply click on the image, and it will bring up a new page with a full page display. When you are on the page, right-click on the large image and simply save it as a Desktop Picture! 


The 800x600 images are standard quality and can be used with most desktops, although there will be slight quality loss on higer resolutions.

The 1024x768 are our new high-quality desktop images. Best used on any monitor with a high resolution.


If you have desinged any Jan & Dean wallpapers, we would love to hear from you. Anything that we use will be rewarded by a Jan & Dean rare CD or a Jan & Dean DVD!

Call back to this section soon to see more great Jan & Dean Wallpapers!

As a little bonus, we have included the Jan & Dean Mega-Mix single from 2005 along with a clip from the Jan & Dean video "Surf City". As always, just click on these files and follow the relevant options.

Stay tuned to for even more exclusive downloads and other Jan & Dean Media! And remember, enter our competitions and you could win a whole lot more!

1024x768 Jan Berry Retro Wallpaper

1024x768 Dean Torrence Effect Wallpaper

1024x768 Jan & Dean Mosaic Wallpaper - Click it & see!!!

Jan & Dean 1024x768 "Blue" Wallpaper

1024x768 Jan & Dean "Purple" Wallpaper

Awesome Twosome 800x600 B&W Wallpaper

Many Sides Of Dean 800x600 Wallpaper

Many Sides Of Jan 800x600 Wallpaper

Jan & Dean 800x600 Colour Concert Wallpaper

1024x768 J&D Chritmas Wallpaper

1024x768 Jan & Dean Cowboys Wallpaper

1024x768 J&D Christmas "Subtle" Wallpaper

Click on your favourite here, and it'll open in a new window. Then simply right click on the large photo and "Save As  Desktop"!!! It's as easy as that!!!

Jan & Dean Live Download

Jan & Dean Media - Album Downloads - Wallpapers And Much More!!!

Jan Berry Live At The Palomino '74/Jan & Dean Live At San Clemente '79

Jan & Dean Mojo Article - Another great exclusive

Other Jan & Dean Media


Click on the above DEAN for newest 1024x768 wallpaper!!!

Mike & Dean Live In Concert 1981

Enjoy this great two part download of Mike Love & Dean Torrence live in concert in 1981. The quality is great, and the track listing is even better!


Just click on the links on the right to download. As all music downloads on this page, these files are .zip files and need to be un-zipped before you listen to them.


Enjoy the 80+ minutes of pure music fun!

Mike & Dean Pt1 Mike & Dean Pt2 J&D65-a

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