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Jan & Dean Meet Batman


Track listing: Batman, The Origin Of Captain Jan & Dean The Boy Blunder, Robin The Boy Wonder, A Vi-Ta-Min A Day, Mr. Freeze, The Doctor's Dilemma, A Stench In Time, Batman Theme, A Hank Of Hair And A Banana Peel, The Fireman's Flaming Flourish, The Joker Is Wild, Tiger Tiger Burning, Flight Of The Batmobile, A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight

Jan & Dean Meet Batman was a great concept album released at a time when the Batman TV series had just hit American TV's. Once again the album was put-forward to EMI a number of times, and rejected at first because they did not like it, and because of copyright issues with the names Batman & Robin The Boy Wonder. Either way, the album reached the shelves in 1966 and again was one of those Jan & Dean albums that did not sell.


One quick listen to the album, and you would probably say you understand why it did not sell! At first listen it is quite unbelievable, the comedy is... far-out-J&D-type... and most people would never play this album again. Yet, underneath the comedy and "laughs" there are some great pop-songs with some great production.


The single Batman was perhaps one of the weakest tracks on the album and if you listen to songs like Robin The Boy Wonder, The Joker Is Wild and of course The Batman Theme you can hear Jan & Dean on top form once again!


A highly enjoyable album after you have had about twelve cans of beer. And please do go back to it, because it has alot to offer!

The Singles...

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Batman  / Bucket "T" (#66 - 1966 - 5 Wks In Charts - Produced By Jan Berry)

It is really strange why Jan & Dean released this song. Of all the songs on the album, it is one of the weakest. To release the song with a song from 1963 is even more amusing, although buyers of the single probably played the great "B" side far more than the "A" side!

The Joker Is Wild (Album Track - 1966 - Produced By Jan Berry)

This is one of the best tracks on an album lacking in the song department. "The Joker Is Wild" has some great harmonies and falsetto singing by Dean and should have really been released as the single as opposed to the "Batman" single that was released.

Release: Liberty 3444 / 7444 - Year: 1966 - Produced By Jan Berry





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