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One Summer Night/Live


Track listing: New Girl In School, Jenny Lee, Baby Talk, Linda, Drag City, Little Deuce Coupe, Shut Down, Hide Your Love Away, Back In The USSR, Surfin' U.S.A., Honolulu Lulu, Do You Wanna Dance, Dance Dance Dance, Ride The Wild Surf, Sidewalk Surfin', Help Me Rhonda, California Girls, Little Old Lady From Pasadena, Dead Man's Curve, Good Vibrations, I Get Around, Fun Fun Fun, Surf City,  Barbara Ann

One Summer Night/Live was Jan & Dean's first major release in years when it was released in 1983, and proclaimed to be Jan & Dean's first ever full concert recorded in stereo... Which of course it was! If you like your live albums to be full of fun, lively music, the odd mistakes and general goofing around then this is the album for you.


It is packed full of hit singles from Jan & Dean and The Beach Boys all sang in - and out - of tune by Dean with the help of Jan. There's a couple of nice melodies in there and members of  Bel-Air Bandits take lead vocals on some of the tracks. If there's only one officially released concert that you own by Jan & Dean then it really has to be this one.


There's a guest appearance by Flo & Eddie at the end of the concert (aka The Turtles). This concert is also available on DVD in slightly trunkated form under a variety of different names.

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The Singles...

Hide Your Love Away (Album Track - 1982 - Produced By Jan Berry & Dean Torrence)

This was recorded by Jan Berry as a solo project after his accent. Here is a great version of the song from this wonderful live recording from "My Fathers Place" in New York. Jan handles the vocals extremly well, and it's a great all around performance from everybody.

Barbara Ann (Album Track - 1982 - Produced By Jan Berry & Dean Torrence)

Dean sang the lead vocal on the Beach Boys hit "Barbara Ann" in 1966,  and the song, like "Jenny Lee" has always been a staple of Jan & Dean concerts. A fun song, sang for fun, which people of all ages can sing along to and really enjoy! One of the greatest summer sounding anthems this World has ever heard!

Release: Rhino 1498 - Year: 1982 - Produced by: Jan Berry, Dean Torrence & Gary Griffin





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