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Photos of Jan & Dean - Various 2009

Thank you to all our contributers, especially Elizabeth, Jean and Ken! I'm sure you'll all agree that these 6 new photos to the site are worth the price of entry alone. Thank you all so much, and keep those photos

2009-Big Jack, Dean & Bobby Vee 2009-Dean & Jakob 2009-Dean & Jan & Jakob 2009-Dean & the Boys 2009-Dean 2

Here's an amazing photo that you just don't see every day. Taken in 1988 it shows both Jan & Dean sitting in the front of a float.

Big Jack, Dean and Bobby Vee. These next three photos are the most recent photo's of Dean that we have recieved.

Here's Dean agai, another lovely photo from the loyal Jan & Dean fans out there.

A great picture that I can see being turned into a PC Wallpaper very soon!

The below two photos sent in by Jean & Ken show their grandson Jakob again with Jan... Wait? JAN!!!...


Thank you for the photo-shop edit photo of Jan & Dean with Jakob, and of course next to it Dean & Jak!


There are more photo-shopped images on the site of J&D and ME!!!