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The Singles...

Pop Symphony No. 1


Track listing: The Little Old Lady From Pasadena, Baby Talk, Honolulu Lulu, Dead Man's Curve, Surf City, It's A Shame To Say Goodbye, Drag City, You Really Know How To Hurt A Guy, Sidewalk Surfin', Heart & Soul, The New Girl In School, Linda

Those of you wanting an album full of Rock & Roll songs will be a little dissapointed in this album. Those of you wanting great production, many years ahead of it's nearest rival will be gleaming with joy. Those of you wanting to hear multi-layered Jan & Dean vocals will be saddened to hear none. Those of you wanting to hear pure-pop Classical Music (Pure-pop Classical Music????) will be ecstatic with joy!


A strange introduction I know, but this album is not your everyday album by any means. Jan & Dean's Pop Symphony No.1 is basically what can be described as a Classical album! Not an album full of backing tracks (such as The Beach Boys Stack-O-Tracks) but a genuine, 100% certified-intelligent adult orientated Classical album! That might be enough to put most fans off, but this is indeed a fine piece of art that remains sadly neglected by many Jan & Dean fans. Jan Berry's productive qualities are on top form, and to hear the hit singles in classical-form is a joy to your ears.


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New Girl In School (Album Track - 1965 - Produced By Jan Berry)

Although there were no singles taken off this album for commercial release, there are three tracks on here which all had potential if they would have been released into a "Classical Album" charts. "New Girl In School" is one of the tracks that sounds like the single of the same name, yet is different all together. Perhaps one listen will help you understand...

Baby Talk (Album Track - 1965 - Produced By Jan Berry)

Coverting one of Jan & Dean's earliest hit singles into a classical formula must have been hard work, yet one listen to this version of "Baby Talk" and you would presume that the song was written as a piece of Classical Music! Another very impressive piece of music.

Deadman's Curve (Album Track - 1965 - Produced By Jan Berry)

A great driving beat to this classical cover of one of Jan & Dean's biggest hits. Surprisingly, this song would also make a great classical "single".

Release: Liberty 3414 / 7414 - Year: 1965 - Produced By Jan Berry & George Tipton







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