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Ride The Wild Surf


Track Listing: Ride The Wild Surf, Tell 'Em I'm Surfin', Waimea Bay, She's My Summer Girl, The Restless Surfer, Skateboarding (Part 1), Sidewalk Surfin', Surfin' Wild, Down At Malibu Beach,

A Surfer's Dream, Walk On The Wet Side, The Submarine Races

1964... California... You could feel every wave, feel the sand between your toes and hear the Symphonic Ride The Wild Surf on the radios. The song, and the album were another of Jan Berry's greatest productions. Kicking off an album with such a great track was just another way to please the hungry Jan & Dean fan's, and a way to tie-in the album with a film of the same name, which Jan & Dean were supposed to star in. However, they ultimitly just recorded the soundtrack theme song, which thankfully was an awesome piece of pure-summer-sunshine.


The rest of the album was once again produced to the n'th degree by Jan, who ensured that every song sounded like it was a mini-masterpiece. Backing vocals on this album, like so many other Jan & Dean albums of this period were by The Fantastic Baggies, who can clearly be heard on Tell 'Em I'm Surfin'. She's My Summer Girl was the B-Side to Ride The Wild Surf in many territories and is n itself a great song with catchy Gary Usher trade-mark hand-claps. Side one ends on another instrumental, the god-awful Skateboarding (Part 1) which was obviously added as filler, and could easily have been left off this production.


Side two starts off with what has to be one of Jan & Dean's greatest ever songs. Jan Berry's re-working of The Beach Boys Catch A Wave, complete with a skateboard sound-effect intro, great horn section, great vocals and one of the catchiest melodies ever put to vinyl. Sadly the song stalled in the top 20 and should have easily reached the top 5! That said, side two has more great songs including two rather funky numbers with Surfin' Wild and Down At Malibu Beach.


To end the album Jan & Dean chose Walk On The Wet Side, another Dean Torrence comedic-role, that sadly is not as good, or as funny as Schlock Rod. However, a great end to a great album.

Release: Liberty 3377/7377 - Year: 1964 - Produced By: Jan Berry

The Singles...

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Ride The Wild Surf / AAACSCBRTA (#16 - 1964 - 8 Wks In Chart - Produced By Jan Berry)

The song from the film of the same name is another adventurous production of Jan Berry, and places multi-tracked vocals, orchestral sounds and layer-upon-layer of other instruments and makes them sound like one big roller-coaster ride. An amazing track in every way that evokes the feeling of summer sun and summer surf.

She's My Summer Girl (B-Side -1963 - Produced By Jan Berry)

Originally the "B" side of Jan & Dean's #1 hit single "Surf City", "She's My Summer Girl" is an interesting track that was placed on the "Ride The Wild Surf" album. A strong track in it's own right, this song has a great melody, great vocals and was one of Jan Berry's and Brian Wilson's strongest colaborations put on record.

Sidewalk Surfin' / When It's Over (#25 - 1964 - 8 Wks In Chart - Produced By Jan Berry)

Jan & Dean wanted to write a song about the latest fad that was sweeping California, and just could not come up with a melody to fit the theme. They both loved The Beach Boys album track "Catch A Wave" and asked Brian to help them out on a new song about skateboarding. Although not credited on some credits, both Jan and Dean helped write and re-work this Jan & Dean classic. And one of the last true great's that the duo released.

Album Review

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