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The Singles...

Silver Summer


Track listing: Sidewalk Surfin', Surfin' Safari, Honolulu Lulu, Ride The Wild Surf, Surf City, Surfin' U.S.A, Drag City, Little Deuce Coupe, Dead Man's Curve, I Get Around, Little Old Lady From Pasadena, Fun Fun Fun, Be True To Your School,

Sunny Afternoon, Popsicle, Indian Lake, Summer Rain, Linda, California Girls, The New Girl In School, Surfer Girl,

Barbara Ann, Thanks For Buying Our Album

And so to the final album review. Some would say that this is not really a Jan & Dean album, though the credits in the cover ackownledge Jan Berry as co-producer and singer on the album. What you get is Dean and his old friend Mike Love singing new versions of Jan & Dean's and The Beach Boys biggest hits, along with some other tracks for added for fun.


This album is an album that J&D fans either love or loath! However, looking deeper than just the fact that this is not 100% a Jan & Dean album in the sense that both Jan & Dean are not on it, it has some really exciting songs on it that every Jan & Dean fan should have in their collection. To start with, the covers of the Jan & Dean songs themselves are pretty impressive, and songs such as Popsicle and The New Girl In School are indeed of a very high standard.


The stand out tracks however are the ones which Jan is not involved in. Dean's cover of his Summer Rain is totally mind-blowing, even compared to the original version. Indian Lake and Sunny Afternoon are pieces of pure-pop magic, and the new version of California Girls gives The Beach Boys a run for their money.


Don't be fooled, this album has alot to offer. Ignore the purists out there and listen to some damn fine tunes that are sung with passion and remember the good times, the way Dean is doing on this album!

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Summer Rain (Album Track - 1985 - Produced By Dean Torrence)

This song was originally on the "Save For A Rainy Day" album, but Dean and a few friends covered it for "Silver Summer". It turned out to be be one of the albums high-lights, and it is as good as, if not better than the original version. Well worth buying this album for this one song alone!

Sidewalk Surfin' (Album Track - 1985 - Prduced By Dean Torrence)

Jan & Dean had their last major hit with this record, and both Jan and Dean as solo artists have covered this song. This has to be one of the best versions available from the solo projects. Guess who you can hear singing lead on this pretty amazing track?

Release: Silver Eagle 1039 - Year: 1985 - Produced By Dean Torrence & Gary Griffin





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