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Surf City (And Other Swinging Cities)


Track Listing: Surf City, Memphis Tennessee, Detroit City, Manhatten, Philadelphia P.A,

Way Down Younder In New Orleans, Honolulu Lulu, Kansas City, I Left My Heart In San Fransisco,

You Came A Long Way From St. Louis, Tallahassee Lassie, Soul City

Jan became very friendly with The Beach Boys writer/producer Brian Wilson and the two began hanging around together. Brian played Jan & Dean a few songs he had been working on, and one of them, titled Surfin' Woodie, not yet finished, he offered to Jan & Dean to finish and record. The opening line "Two Girls For Every Boy" was enough for Jan to accept the offer and he began re-writing, along with Dean, the lyrics and tune to a song that was to catapult Jan & Dean from semi-stardom to Super-stardom!


Surf City was a No.1 hit across the U.S.A and charted throughout the World charts. It was a great song, and one of the finest Summer-Sounding recordings of all time. The production and recording techniques were well ahead of the other artists of the period and this song remain's Jan & Dean's biggest selling record.


The album "Surf City (And Other Swinging Cities)" was the duo's first concept album. The concept was of course very simple, base the titles on various Cities througout the World. Sadly, what could have been a very strong album turned out to be another album of mostly cover versions. Although, that said, some of the cover versions are very good, and the production of the whole album is really great.


The singles off the album were of course Surf City and it's follow up Honolulu Lulu, a song that Dean has never liked and even to this day hates it with a passion. On the strength of Surf City, Honolulu Lulu reached the top 10 in the charts and once again filled the air-waves with pure sounds of summer.

Release: 3314/7314 - Year: 1963 - Produced By: Jan Berry

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The Singles...

Honolulu Lulu / Someday (You'll Go Walking By) (#11 - 1963 - 10 Wks In Chart - Produced By Jan Berry)

Another hit single within' a short space of time meant Jan & Dean were heading towards bigger and better things. Had this single been released before "Surf City" it is hard to say if it would have charted in any way. An average song for the boys, it's success based on the recent number one single.

Surf City / She's My Summer Girl (#1 - 1963 - 13 Wks In Chart - Produced By Jan Berry)

Jan & Dean's first and only number one hit single. But what a song to be remembered by! Surf City is the ultimate summer song, a song produced unlike any before it. Brian Wilson sings the falsetto on this single, but Dean IS on there. Writting credits for this one as told by Dean; Brian Wilson - A few Original rough words including the "Two girls for every boy" line; Jan Berry - Lyrics and worked on melody; Dean Torrence - Lyrics.

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