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Jan & Dean Take Linda Surfin'


Track List:  Linda, Walk Like A Man, Surfin', Let's Turkey Trot, Rhythm Of The Rain, Mr. Bass Man, Walk Right In, The Best Friend I Ever Had, The Gypsy Cried, My Foolish Heart, When I Learn How To Cry, Surfin' Safari

Release: Liberty 3294/7294 - Year: 1963 - Produced By: Jan Berry

1963... Jan & Dean had just had a top 30 hit single with the falsetto laiden Linda. At the same time Jan & Dean were hanging around with another young group called The Beach Boys who had just has a local hit with the single Surfin'. As the song Linda had a simular feel to the Beach Boys material (and indeed, Surfin' used the "bom bom bom" sound of earlier Jan & Dean material), and surf music was starting to hit the air-waves, it was decided that Jan & Dean should take Linda Surfin', and so an album was put together that included Linda plus The Beach Boys Surfin' and Surfin' Safari singles.


Although the album did not include anything remotely "surf" other than the mentioned songs, it was none-the-less a well produced album by Jan Berry which included some great cover versions of Mr Bass Man, Walk Like A Man and Walk Right In to name a few. It also sadly showed that apart from the singles, Jan & Dean were finding it hard to find more top-notch material which could be used as more than just album filler.


Linda was the only hit single off the album, although Jan & Dean's versions of Surfin' and Surfin' Safari were played alot on California radio stations. This album, produced by Jan Berry was the first of a few in 1963, and in only a couple of months time Jan & Dean's single out-put and chart success was about to sky-rocket.

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Linda / When I Learn How To Cry (#28 - 1963 - 13 Wks On Chart - Produced By Jan Berry)

One listen to this in 1963 and it would have sounded like a song from a different era. Dean's screaming falsetto and Jan's wonderful lead and Jan's impressive (yet fairly primitive at this point) production made this tune a top-30 smash-hit that Jan & Dean had been so long looking for again. However, listen to the "B" side and you may wonder where Jan's writing prowess suddenly sprung from!

Surfin' (Album Track) (Not Releases - 1963 - Produced By Jan Berry)

The Beach Boy's song that started it all... and one that steal's Jan & Dean's infamous "bom-bom-bom's". Jan & Dean sang this song on the "Take Linda Surfin'" album with The Beach Boys helping them out. Jan & Dean's version is much more laid-back than The Beach Boys version.





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