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The Dore Album

Track Listing: Clementine, Judy, My Heart Sings, Rosie Lane, Oh Julie, Baby Talk, You're On My Mind, There's A Girl, Jeannette Get Your Hair Done, Cindy, Don't Fly Away, White Tennis Sneakers

Release: Dore 101 - Year: 1961 - Produced By: Herb Alpert/Lou Adler

Jan & Dean's first release was on the Dore label in 1961. This album was an album full of doo-wop numbers that bore no relation to what was about to happen a year later with the dawn of the Surf Music era. It consisted of 12 doo-wop songs that Jan & Dean recorded on very basic recording equipment. Although the equipment used was more advanced than the previous Jan & Arnie era singles, the music was not that advanced for it's time. Listening to this album you would not contemplate that Jan Berry was about to become one of the greatest writers/producers of all time.


The album did produce a number of hits. Baby Talk was a massive Number 10 hit across the Nation for the duo, while Clementine and There's A Girl scraped into the top 100. Album sales were quite strong for this album however, and kept the name of Jan & Dean alive with thier numerous fans.


The single version of Clementine was remixed for single release, and featured an echo on the front "Oh my darlin'" section. This added to the song sounding more contempory of the time. Jeanette Get Your Hair Done has an interesting story behind it, as both Jan & Dean tell a story of a girl that they actually knew. However, thier writting talents at this time were very limited, and one listen to this album gives no insight to the future the duo were about to embark on...

The Singles...

Clementine / You're On My Mind (#65 - 1960 - 6 Wks In Chart - Produced By Herb Alpert & Lou Adler)

Another chart-hit by Jan & Dean, and a follow up to their #97 previous hit "There's A Girl". The single version of Clementine was slightly remixed to the album version in that it had an alternate beginning with a great echo effect.  A fast and melodic rocker, this is one of Jan & Dean's biggest "could-have-been's" in the sense of a major hit single.







Baby Talk / Jeanette Get Your Hair Done  (#10 - 1959 - 12 Wks In Chart - Produced By Herb Alpert & Lou Adler)

Jan & Dean's very first single to reach the top 10 may have been a bit of a comedy record, but after all is said and done it was a great record to hit the charts in 1959 and fitted in well with other chart-hits of the day. This record is a fresh sounding piece of  doo-wop that marked the start of Jan & Dean's too-short chart career.

There's A Girl / My Heart Sings (#97 - 1959 - 3 Wks In Chart - Produced By Herb Alpert & Lou Adler)

How can a song this great sounding fall so short in the hit-parade of the time? Looking at the track now "There's A Girl" is a stunning bit of 50's doo-wop, that, with the right promotion should have done alot better. But as seems to be that with the early Jan & Dean singles that this was not always the case. A great song with great production and a quite unbelivabley fantastic  "B" side to boot, and one that should be in every Jan & Dean's collection

Album Review

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