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All our audio is encoded in WMApro 32kbs or WMA 32kbs. Every song is here for you to listen to in its entirity. The songs are NOT available for download, only for you to listen to.


We recommend you set your Windows Media Player or simular software as the default player for these files. When you click on them, a new screen will open up, and then the file will play in your player. If for any reason it ask's you to "Open / Save" the file, please always choose OPEN.

Where Can I Find The Streaming Audio?

Things are changing yet again.

Throughout the site you can find the songs of Jan & Dean that can be streamed as described above. Here are the quick links to the singles, you can also find more songs on the individual                              pages. Enjoy the music!

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If you have any technical queries or any other questions or requests then please email the site from the email address found on top of every page.


Information on this site is as accurate as possible, but we do make mistakes. Please also email us if you find any mistakes!!!

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2011 is going to be great for Jan & Dean! Firstly, we have issued a couple of songs never before released on MP3 by Jan & Dean from the "Surf Scene" promo show back in 1963. Secondly we'll be having all new photos in the Celuloid Surfers section (over 100), as we take screen shots of Surf Scene and one of Dean Torrence's latest interviews. PLUS... An exclusive Question & Answer spot with Dean!!!

Basic Site Statistics

The site contains over 370 photos, most of which have never been seen before and more than any other J&D site. We stream around 150 full length songs, thats more than any other J&D site also! The site does not make any money in any form, and is done in spare time. We update on a regular basis, more once again than any other J&D site.

Using Wallpapers

On the Media page and on the homepage you will find Desktop Wallpapers. It is simple to make these pictures your desktop. Simply click on the desired wallpaper on the page, and it will open up in a new page on your web browser. When you see the picture has fully downloaded, RIGHT CLICK on the picture and then choose SET AS BACKGROUND or it may say something slightly different such as SET AS WALLPAPER etc.

As always, feel free to send in your Wallpapers to the site, and get some free Bumper Stickers!

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We reward those who actually view this page!!! This time here are some photos that were taken on 24 July 2007 - Thank you Sheldon & Debbie!!!!